Wednesday, November 10, 2004

2nd Meeting: Creating Dialogues

ETJ Miyazaki's second meeting was successfully
held yesterday, Sunday Nov.7th.
Twenty persons attended the meeting, and listened to an
interesting presentation by Mike Guest.

Mike's presentation was on creating and using dialogues;
He also introduced his latest publication in which he
mentioned 55 hints of the differences between English and
Japanese, and the difficulties being encountered by the
Japanese learners in learning English.

David Lisgo then introduced his ideas, and the stuff as well,
of the same topic on Dialogues.
David also referred to the coming Fukuoka EXPO.

On behalf of everyone came who yesterday,
I'd like to thank Mike Guest and David Lisgo for the cooperation
and the sincere efforts in helping ETJ Miyazaki getting
bigger and more effective.

I'd like also to take the opportunity to thank David Paul,
and David English House for their support and always care.

All the best wishes go to Audrey, the other coordinator,
who took the decision to go back to the USA;

We are, all, going to miss a great colleague and friend.
I really appreciate Audrey's help in bringing ETJ to Miyazaki.
Good luck dear Audrey .

Sayed Mohamed

ETJ Miyazaki coordinator


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