Wednesday, September 21, 2005

6th Meeting: More Classroom Activities for Young Learners

The ETJ Miyazaki successfully conducted its September Meeting with the theme: “More Classroom Activities for Young Learners” held last Sunday, September 18, 2005 from 10 am to 12 noon at the Kyoiku Johu Kenshu Center, Miyazaki Board of Education, Miyazaki City.

Simon Bath

The meeting was divided into three (3) parts:
  • Part I dealt with Mr. Bath’s presentation on the topics: Learning Styles, Games and Language Learning;
  • Part II was a workshop on game formulation applying the principles presented by the speaker, and;
  • Part III was a sharing and demonstration of games formulated by each group.
Mr Simon Bath’s presentation delved on the three (3) main styles of learning namely: a) Visual; b) Auditory and c) kinesthetic. He gave a meaty talk on the strategies and techniques to facilitate these three (3) above-mentioned types of learning. He likewise discussed the importance of incorporating all the styles in each and every lesson to cater to the various learning preferences of the all the students.Mr Bath also gave a substantial definition and description of each type of learning and a questionnaire was provided to each of the participant to help him assess or determine his very own style of learning.

The second half of Mr.Bath’s presentation delved on games as it incorporates the three types of learning approaches. He stressed the various advantages of using games in the classroom; factors that should be considered when playing games; he likewise gave examples of games applying the three types of learning, among others.

Simon says...
 Part II was a workshop where the participants were
grouped into 3, representing the three types learning.
Various teaching materials were provided to each group.
They were instructed to formulate new games ideas
using the available teaching materials based on their
assigned type of learning.

Part III was a sharing and demonstration of the new
games formulated by each group.

It was truly a fruitful meeting where each of the
participants brings home fresh ideas, something that
he/she can readily apply upon returning to their
respective schools.
Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to
MR. SIMON BATH for generously sharing his
knowledge and expertise; and to all those who
attended the meeting.

Thank you very much and May God bless Us all!


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