Sunday, August 01, 2004

ETJ Miyazaki's Inaugural Meeting

Miyazaki ETJ group had its first meeting this morning, Aug 1, 2004

Ten members attended the meeting; most of them teach young learners.

David Lisgo, who is a fantastic, experienced and cheerful teacher came from neighboring Kagoshima

To deliver a presentation on Classroom Activities .

The program was :

1- Opening speech by the coordinators, Sayed Mohamed and Audrey Marcoux.

2- A short welcome speech by the honorary guest; the supervisor of Miyazaki’s ALTs, Masanobu Uemura.

3- Classroom Activities by David Lisgo.

4- Workshop and exchange of ideas.

All thanks go to David Paul for his encouragement, David Lisgo for presenting his wonderful materials,

And ETJ and all its members. We, Miyazaki ETJ members, are excited to have Miyazaki ETJ regional group

born today, August 1st. 2004, and looking forward to more meetings and presentations.

Sayed Mohamed